Date of project


Art director

Gi Deville

Front-end dev

Tim Barray

The Project

Polaris.labs was my attempt to make the web a better place. I was 16 and after leaving my “night-work” at Titaxium, I still wanted to do something for others, but in a different way.

So we created this place that could help you design your website and integrate it into a CMS, but also choose your host provider, and install it on your server. Or even help you develop a good SEO.

It was “the good ol’ day”, with the help of a handful of graphic designer, front-end developers, and other friends we had some fun and made some good. In the end, the project was supposed to evolve to

Some projects I worked on for Polaris.labs
Solidarité Mali-Brest Website
Visit Matrix Website
Steam Team Website
Hebus Website Website

Yep, it's getting old…

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