Date of project

January 2012

Creative director

François Le Pichon

Art director

Gi Deville

What I did :

The Project

Steaw had the opportunity of particpating in the making of the Larousse app, for Windows 8

I presented two possible axis for the app : one based on colorful tiles, the other one based on big pictures.

François prefered and the picture-based version but I liked the colorful one, it reminded me a bit of the Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy, it was more playful. Larousse made the final decision and went with Francois' choice.

Made for Windows 8

Picture-based Version

Home Picture-based version Atlas Picture-based version

Color-based Version

Home Color-based version Atlas Color-based version

Wanna see more ?

You can download the app, or discover more of my works right below.