I am Gi

Art Director UI/UX Designer

Tipi Expertise - Art Direction 2013
Bref - Art Direction
BNP Paribas - Illustrations
Card.biz - Art Direction
Larousse - Art Direction
FrAndroid - Logotype
Antarctic - Art Direction 2007
Steaw - Art Director 2011-2013
Ebuzzing - UI Design
IceRanking - Art Direction 2009
Zeitgeist - Logotype 2008
eHockey - Art Direction 2009
wisnag - Art Direction 2008
Timoon - Illustrations 2009
My.stis - Art Direction 2010
Jessie Lee - Art Direction 2013
nichConnect - Logotype 2005
Typhon - Print Design 2007
GiDeville.fr - Art Direction 2010
mystis.media - Graphic Community 2006
Lycée l'Initiative - Graphic School 2004-2008
Polaris.labs - Graphic Community 2004-2006
TitaXium - Graphic Community 2004-2006

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About me

Born in the late 80's, I started doing webdesign almost ten years ago, just for fun. Since then, I've learned a lot, worked two years as a Freelance and two years as Art Director at Steaw, a small webdesign studio based in Paris.
I'm currently searching for new horizons.

"This is the end" For now.

I hope you enjoyed my work as much as I enjoyed designing it. If you think so, try to ring me !
I’ll leave you with those who still make some good around here :